There's a lot of work-at-home noise out there. Starter kits, product parties, cold calls, selling to friends and family...but, that's not for everyone.

Where's the legitimate option for Moms willing to work hard at meaningful work that translates to a paycheck? 

If you've been looking for a way to earn an income while you stay home with your kids, but you're not sure how to get started or if you have what it takes, I've got just what you need. 

The Moms Work Hard Signature Course is a unique, self-paced video course designed with busy Moms in mind. 

It's not for the Mom looking to build an empire or have a 60-hour a week hustle.

Instead, this course starts out assuming you know nothing about being a Virtual Assistant and walks you all the way through the process of building your skills and getting hired.

Join over 600 women who have gotten started as Virtual Assistants, doing important tasks for business owners on their own schedule. 

Like Rebecca, who said, "The Moms Work Hard VA course was amazing! It really helped me get the feel of the ins and outs of virtual assisting. I was unfamiliar with the extent of the need for virtual assistants, and really had no idea where to start. The course helps you get set up with a workflow plan, line out scheduling so as not to lose the balance of family and work times, and put me it in contact with some great support groups with other assistants. I would definitely recommend the course!"

"I took this course and learned so much! It gave me the tools and information, as well as confidence, to begin my own VA business. My business is a year old and I'm gaining new clients on a regular basis. Being a VA is my new career and I love it! I will always be so grateful for this affordable course that helped me start my own business, something I never thought possible!!"

In this course, you'll learn: 

  • Jobs a new VA can do, even if you don't have experience
  • How to succeed in areas like what to charge and how to increase your rates
  • Where to find clients, how to reach out to them, and how to communicate well
  • How to track your hours, get paid, and record your income
  • How to set up and maintain your work/home balance
  • And so much more

Moms Work Hard is so much more than learning how to do a new job. 

  • It's how I've been able to earn a steady income for the past 4 years, and not miss those important daily moments with my kids.
  • It's using skills and talents you have for the benefit of your family and small business owners.
  • It's setting an example of hard work and time management for your precious kids.

When you become a Moms Work Hard student, you'll get:

A self-paced, video course that will take you from start to finish as a new VA.

You'll make your way through each lesson on your own time, learning everything you need to know to start your own VA work. As you go, you'll gain knowledge, skills, and confidence. You'll not only learn how to be an excellent VA, but also how to keep your family as your first priority while still serving your clients well.

Membership to an exclusive, students-only Facebook group of encouraging, helpful Women.

This is where you can get your questions answered, attend live Office Hours, and apply to Moms Work Hard exclusive job opportunities. You can also share your successes and keep up on the most recent resources out there for VAs. 

The VA Tax Guide, by Sarah Korhnak

Sarah, of Small Business Sarah, wrote this guide just for Moms Work Hard. She makes the business side of VA work simple, and takes the stress out of taxes. 

I have felt supported, guided, encouraged, and educated

Mom's Work Hard has literally been a huge blessing in my and my family's life. I have grown leaps and bounds in the past 9 months.  Since completing the course, I have felt supported, guided, encouraged, and educated. They encourage you to try new things, and through that I found out I was good at graphic design...who knew? This new skill has been a large part of why my 2 main clients hired me. If I had not taken their advice (and the course!), I wouldn't be blessed with the opportunity to do something I love, AND make money while doing it, AND stay at home with my kids!

Megan  //  Virtual Assistant

I am now officially booked out!

The Moms Work Hard course has literally changed my life. I went through the course as I was transitioning out of my full time job. I hit the ground running, and I am now officially booked out only 18 months after starting the course! I am able to have flexibility and only work while my boys are at school. I am so thankful for Carlee and this course!

Tara  //  Virtual Assistant

I make almost $1,000 a month while my littles sleep!

Almost 2 years ago, my husband was applying to go back to seminary to work towards a PhD. I knew that I would need to help our family financially while still homeschooling with our 4 kids and stumbled across the Moms Work Hard VA course. Today I make almost $1,000 every month while my littles sleep! This course teaches you vital skills AND how to find your first clients! I can't recommend it highly enough!

Megan  //  Virtual Assistant

"2 years ago I took the Moms  Work Hard course as our family was trying to find ways to grow our income without sacrificing me working outside the home. This course gave me the ground work to grow into my own role as a virtual assistant and has helped us a whole family."

Unit 1: Overview of a Virtual Assistant and Her Roles

  • What is a Virtual Assistant?
  • Jobs a VA Might Do
  • 5 Jobs you can Start Today 
  • Deciding What to Charge and Setting Up your Banking

Unit 2: All About Clients

  • What Clients are Looking for in a VA
  • Where to Find Potential Clients
  • How to Reach out to Potential Clients
  • How to Onboard New Clients
  • How to Communicate Well with Clients
  • All About Contracts
  • What Makes a Great Long Term VA
  • When and How to End a Relationship
  • How to Raise your Rates
  • How to Network and Get Referrals

Unit 3: Time Management for Busy Moms

  • A Foundation for Working at Home
  • Creating an Ideal Schedule
  • Time Blocking
  • Goal-Focused Planning
  • Do the Next Thing

Unit 4: Technical Trainings

  • How to track time with Toggl
  • How to Invoice with Paypal
  • How to create opt-in worthy printables
  • How to set up your VA Facebook Page
  • How to create landing pages

And here's what a business owner had to say after hiring Moms Work Hard students:

"Having hired gals who have graduated from the Moms Work Hard course, I can attest to the top notch instruction and application Carlee offers to her students. Each hire has been professional and courteous, and all hold to amazing standards of excellence. As I continue to hire out regular and freelance work, I will be contacting the graduates of Moms Work Hard first!"

"Love this course. It’s an excellent foundation of knowledge, know how, encouragement and support. I recommend it to everyone I talk to looking to start as a VA. I wouldn’t be where I am now without it!"


"I took this course almost 2 years ago and it has been an incredible blessing to our family! I can help my family financially while my littles sleep!"


"Great course that helps to build a solid foundation for at-home work, on your own terms."


How long do I have to complete the class? Do I have to log in at certain times?

You have forever to take the class - once you purchase Moms Work Hard, it's yours to keep. And since it's all pre-recorded, you can watch at midnight or during nap time, anywhere you have an internet connection.

How do I login to the course?

You'll create an account at our school, hosted by Thinkific, at the time of purchase. You can login any time right here!

Who is this course for? 

Moms who want to be home with their kids and work a meaningful job are the primary focus of the course. That said, anyone who wants to learn how to be a Virtual Assistant is welcome. 

What if I have more questions?

You can email me at with any other questions.